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Environmental & Labor Solutions, LLC.

What You Can Expect

Economic Solution

Environmental & Labor Solutions offers a cost-effective and economic alternative to temporary labor solutions for all your environmental needs.

Payroll & Taxes

ELS provides a hands-off solution for all of the payroll and necessary tax needs relating to the labor giving you can have peace-of-mind with our quality services.

Trained Team

Our team is hand-picked and fully qualified to perform all provided services while at the same time adhering to all OSHA requirements.

Environmental Remediation

With the potential health risks associated with asbestos, contractor selection is extremely important. ELS has removed over millions of square feet of asbestos-containing material from a wide array of projects. We operate within compliance of state, local, and federal regulations, and have great relationships...


Mold Remediation

The adverse effect from mold and related indoor air quality issues has become one of today’s more sensitive environmental concerns. Health, safety and liability issues associated with mold have all been magnified in recent years, resulting in increased awareness by those affected, and increased liability to those responsible...

Lead Abatement

If you are looking for first-class contracting services, you have come to the right place! We aim to... Read More ›

Emergency Response

With complete reliance on our existing internal labor force, we have the manpower, tools and... Read More ›

Asbestos Abatement

Our asbestos abatement techniques are optimized for any space. The ELS team has removed...

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